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E-Counseling (Overseas)

Career Desk E-Counseling:

E-Counseling is the process where you get get free expert counseling online Wherever you are. Career Desk will answer all your queries, and assist you with the entire (end-to-end) process.  You will receive support till your goal is achieved.

Why Career Desk E-Counseling:

  1. Expert guidance on all countries
  2. 100% transparent
  3. No promotion of any specific country or course or University
  4. Unbiased advise and from Student or professional point of view
  5. 24 x 7 guidance assistance through SMS, Whatapp, E-mail, Chat option
  6. Career Desk online services are very affordable
  7. High Visa success Rate
  8. Interview preparation (where required)
  9. End -to-End processing

What is career counseling?

Career counseling can cover many concerns such as helping student or professional find a career or a job, help them deal with not liking their job, or not knowing what they want to do when they graduate from college. At the Career Desk, we help students/professional  figure out an appropriate career options.

What career services do you offer at the Career Desk?

We help students assess their interests, abilities, and values to help plan for a later career choice. We often use interest inventories and may use personality test (if required) to do this. You will need an appointment for career counseling.

We offer:

  1. Career options (after 10th, 12th, Degree, Masters, Research etc.,)
  2. All Field (Medicine, Para-medical, Engineering, Management, Govt. sector, Arts, Fashion, Teaching ….many more)
  3. Assist with the Applications
  4. Assist with the Statement of Purpose, Recommendation letter (proofing)
  5. Assist with Education Loan
  6. Scholarship /Financial Aid Assistance
  7. Student Insurance (Abroad Education)
  8. Forex Assistance
  9. Visa Filing and Interview Assistance
  10. Accommodation Assistance
  11. Forex Assistance
  12. Travelling / Ticketing Assistance

Very High Visa Success Rate 

Why is Career planning and guidance Important? Does Career Guidance make a difference?

Your career is totally your responsibility. Career planning and guidance helps one to develop a set of career goals, strategy and options based on your aptitude, interests, personality, values and skills. Once you have a plan, you will be equipped to self-manage your career and take advantage of changes in the economy and job market rather than becoming a victim of change. Your career decisions will dramatically impact your lifestyle. Your occupation will determine where you live, your income, your work hours, your travels, job security, your choice of work associates and friends, and how you spend your leisure time.