UK (For Registered Nurses)

Demand for Nurses in UK:

NHS facing 38,000 nurse shortage even if government hits recruitment target.

There will be a shortfall of almost 40,000 nurses in England by 2023-24 even if the government hits its target of securing 50,000 more nurses by that year, new analysis suggests.

Nursing professionals are in high demand in the UK, Work is available based on your specialization, as well as location and preferences. You can choose to work for short -term or long- term positions. We will assist you to choose your right destination and right employer.



Minimum Criteria to Enter Our Program

  • Registered Nurse
  • Current Nursing License
  • 6 Months Of Experience (Preferred)
  • English Language Proficiency:
    • IELTS with a minimum score of 7 in reading, speaking and listening and 6.5 in writing or OET with minimum grade of B in reading, speaking and listening and C+ in writing

Everything you need to know about applying for nursing jobs, how to register as a nurse and working abroad is all right here at your fingertips. Our experienced team provides you with one-to-one personal service in helping you secure the career you want with all the benefits.



English Language Proficiency:

NMC currently accept two language tests as evidence of your ability to communicate effectively in English: the International English Language Test System (IELTS) and the Occupational English Test (OET). The IELTS and the OET are used across the world. They are often chosen to test the language competency of healthcare professionals in the UK.
International English Language Test System (IELTS)
If you have completed an IELTS examination you must provide an IELTS certificate that confirms:
  • at least 6.5 in the writing sections
  • at least 7.0 in the listening, reading and speaking sections, and
  • at least 7.0 overall.

Occupational English Test (OET)

If you have completed an OET examination you must provide a certificate that confirms:

  • at least a C+ grade in writing, and
  • at least a B grade in Listening, reading and speaking.

NMC will only accept results from OET tests taken from February 2016 onwards.

You can achieve the required mark across two test sittings if:

  • you sit the tests within six months of each other, and
  • you are tested in all four skills at the same time, and
  • if you take an IELTS test, all scores in both sittings are above 6.5 and you achieve 7.0 or higher in all four fields when the results of both sittings are viewed together, or
  • if you take the OET, all grades in both sittings are above Grade C+ and you achieve Grade B or higher in all four fields when the results of both sittings are viewed together.

Test scores are valid for two years.


– Complete the NMC Eligibility & Qualification Application

Applicant will create online account and complete eligibility and qualification application. NMC will confirm eligibility for registration within 14 days.

Applicants must complete an online self-assessment of their eligibility to apply before beginning the application process.

To check that the applicant is capable of practicing safely and effectively in the UK, NMC will assess their qualification, training, and experience against NMC standards.NMC will consider whether the applicant has the necessary post-qualifying practice and experience in each area of nursing or midwifery. This must be appropriate for the part of the register for which they are applying.


Anyone wanting to work in the UK as a nurse must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Computer Based Test (CBT)

CBT assures the NMC that applicant has the right knowledge and skills to practice nursing in the UK Results are available 48 hours after taking the test

Once the applicant has passed the NMC self-assessment eligibility stage, they have up to six months to successfully complete the first part of the test of competence. When this period expires, the application will close. Applicants have a maximum of two attempts (an initial sitting and a re-sit) to pass the CBT with a minimum of 28 days between each sitting.

Applicants who fail both attempts need to wait a minimum of six months before they can reapply for registration. Results will be emailed to candidates within 48 hours of taking the examination. The exam fee must be paid in full each time. The CBT is valid for two years.

NMC advise applicants to start the assessment stage and provide documentation as soon as they have passed the CBT.


CD Overseas will be organising the interview to be attended Online & Secure Job Offer

Secure job offer and complete pre-employment checks.


Employers assign the CoS once the CBT exam is cleared The sponsorship reference number on the CoS is used for the Tier 2 visa application


Applicant will submit their Tier 2 visa application and provide biometric application Visa is generally approved within 3 weeks.

This application is for the Health & care worker application (Tier-2) category.


The organisation will arrange one way flight to the UK, airport pickup, temporary accommodation and orientation. Collect your Biometric Resident Permit. (BRP)

Assisting with your travel plans to UK.

OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Exam)

If the applicant passes the assessment stage they will be invited to sit the OSCE in the UK.

Applicants must ensure that they are able to successfully complete the OSCE within two years of passing the CBT.

Applicants applying from 6 April 2017 will have three attempts (an initial sitting, and two full or partial re-sits) at the OSCE, as part of one application.

If unsuccessful at their first OSCE, they must wait a minimum of 10 working days before they can take the examination again. If unsuccessful at their second OSCE, they must wait a minimum of three months, from the date of their second attempt, before they can take the OSCE for the third time.

If the applicant is unsuccessful after their permitted attempts, their application will close. They will be required to submit a new application but will not be able to sit the OSCE again for a minimum of six months.

OSCE results will be emailed to candidates within 5 working days of taking the examination.


Complete the NMC registration.

Submit health, character and language evidence. NMC will assess the application within 35 days. Receive Registration Number from NMC (PIN).

Working as Registered Nurse

Now, you can Enjoy and Prosper as a Nursing Professional in the UK



We make it easy for you to relocate to UK as a Registered Nurse.

  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Arranging face to face / online interviews
  • Assisting with NMC registration
  • Ensuring you nurses receive visas to work in the UK
  • Requesting in country police checks
  • Collecting references
  • Visa assistance
  • Assistance with OET & OSCE
  • Health and Forex assistance
  • Visa application assistance

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